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PERSIAN ROSE Concentrated Perfume Oil – 3ml


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Persian Rose is not just any single rose scent – It is much more complex.  A delightful rose attar blend embraces all the spice, mystery and allure of a Persian garden.  The fragrance starts with a burst of spiciness and settles into a deliciously heavy, powdery floral.


This perfume oil is an amazing blend of Persian roses, carnation, iris, jasmine, orange blossom, sandalwoods and powdery musk.  Rich, feminine, and very alluring.  And when we say this is concentrated perfume oil – we are not kidding – you only need the tiniest amount for the fragrance to last all day



I’ve seen flowers rare growing everywhere
But I’ve never seen a rose like you.
From your haunt if I could tear you
Right upon my heart I’d wear you
And no one could ever share you,
I would be so true.


But roses are like love and they fade as fast
with all the storms that blow; love can’t ever last.
I’ll shield you from all harms
I’m mad about your charms,
I’ll hold you in my arms ’till all dangers passed.

Edgar Allen Wolf (1912)


Enjoy the this wonderful scent all day – Packaged in a cute little 3ml bottle with applicator


. This listing is 3ml of CONCENTRATED perfume oil – Ingredients: Concentrated Perfume Oil – Alcohol Free


Perfume Oils are great value for money and you only need the tiniest amount

of this super concentrated fragrance



Buy it – Try it – If you do not like it – I will give you your money back – 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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