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DIY Fragrance Oils

Our fragrance oils are wonderful, long-lasting, scents that are oil-based with no alcohol, versatile and strong.
The ancient custom of burning a little fragrant oil over a low flame to scent a room is still one of the most effective ways to perfume a living space. Fragrance oils are available in a variety of scents, and are also perfect for use in making soaps, perfumes, incense sticks, creams and lotions, body sprays, candles and shower gels.
If you have unscented candles – sprinkle fragrance oil into the wax near the wick. As the candle burns, the oil will heat up and the fragrance will drift throughout the room. Need a quick air freshener? Add a few drops of fragrance oil to a spray bottle that is full of water. Use the sprayer in any room in need of a freshen up. If your potpourri has lost its scent, simply add several drops of your favourite oil and the bag or dish of potpourri is renewed. This can be repeated as many times as you like. If you enjoy aromatic linens, place a few drops of oil on paper towels and place them between sheets, pillowcases or towels. A cotton ball soaked with a few drops of oil can be placed in the corners of your drawers to freshen up stored clothing. Use several drops of scented oil in your washing machine with each wash for fresh smelling laundry.

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