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Sukran Perfume Oils

Sukran Perfume Oils and Attars are all handcrafted creations inspired by following ancient traditions and secret formulas to create an alchemy of attraction. I specialise in the fine art of scent creation providing artisan attars, cosmetics and scented items, created exclusively from the finest quality of fragrant essences and extracts.  Attars are a natural alternative to traditional perfumes. Being oil based and undiluted, the fragrances last longer than alcohol-based perfumes. Sukran quality is never compromised and everything is sold at extremely affordable prices. You will be impressed at the quality for the price. Indulge and let the exuberance of these wonderful attar inspired creations –  uplift and captivate your senses! Just a little of these intense fragrances goes a long way. If you do not love them I will give you your money back 100%.

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