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EGYPTIAN MUSK SUPERIOR Perfume Oil by Sukran ~15ml~


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Last all day – strong focused precise musk fragrance. Just a little of this lovely fragrance goes a long way.

It is stronger and longer lasting attar blend than other more subtle traditional egyptian musks. This Egyptian Musk is imported and made by master perfumer, Mr. Ismail M. Attarwala, and is a very focused and precise musk fragrance clean, fresh and sweet – suitable for both men and women.

Drop only 1 or 2 dots of oil on each desired area of your body and rub over your skin until absorbed. Such a small quantity produces a wonderful fragrance that lasts all day (and often times longer). A very high quality natural musk oil that is soothing to the senses and very much a best seller for lovers of true musk fragrances

Enjoy this really pleasant perfume oil —- all day! You will love this perfume oil — and once you buy one, you will want more! I discovered this perfume oil during one of my travels and was suprised at how little you need to make it last all day. Try it and you will see what I mean, people will make comments on how nice you smell and even ask you where you got this fragrance from!

It comes in a very handy sized 15ml bottle with a roll on applicator. You can throw it in your handbag, take it anywhere and never worry about the contents spilling. It is 100% pure CONCENTRATED perfume oil and will not evaporate or deteriorate over time.

Ingredients Concentrated Perfume Oil – Alcohol Free

Buy it – Try it – If you do not love it — I will give you your money back – 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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